narkose.ch is an independent company and offers anesthesia services for outpatient treatment in those practices performing operations, operation centers, clinics and also inpatient care for clinics.

basis, vision

narkose.ch is established in Switzerland as reliable partner for anesthesia in the health sector.


narkose.ch is characterized by:

  • The criteria of patient safety as the highest quality feature
  • Self-sufficiency / Independence
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Continual seeking and identification of new / undeveloped areas of business in the surgical sector of the health sector Consolidation of services within legal and expert
  • guidelines / Standards Continual efforts to improve services


  • We give each other confidence
  • We see the opportunity in the change
  • We orient our actions to customers and their needs
  • Commitment is a matter of course
  • Our actions create consistent values
  • As a team player we are successful


narkose.ch offers its services all over Switzerland in favor of practices, operating theaters and clinics, secures and constantly enhances its know-how, keeps its infrastructure always up to date and at a high level, and differentiates itself from its competitors by reliably fulfilling its customer requirements.


Our staff are motivated because:

  • They recognize in their daily tasks opportunity for responsibility, independence, room for innovation and flexibility
  • They can achieve the best possible balance of work and family life
  • They value the good working atmosphere and mutual respect in our team

narkose.ch secures its great potential by recognising the importance of its employees and by constantly promoting and caring for them.


Our customers like to work with us because:

  • Recognizing the guarantee of patient safety as our highest quality feature
  • Your patients will find themselves in competent and safe hands
  • You will be supported and encouraged in your own work (operations)
  • Enjoy our continual possession
  • Count on our proactive input
  • Be confident in our smooth integration into the prescribed operational procedures of a practice, an OP centre, or a clinic

Suppliers / Partners

We aim for long-term collaboration with suppliers and partners, profitable for both sides.
We expect services at the best possible price.

Company owners / shareholders

Our planning is long-term, sustainable, profitable, risk-aware and secures jobs.

society and environment

Ethical, ecological and economic actions determine our daily work, whereby the safety of the patient always comes first.

Continuous Improvement

One of our goals is to constantly improve our service with regard to patient safety, quality and competitiveness.