Work philosophy

We see patients, surgeons and institutions as our customers. For customers, it is not above all technical skills (which are a prerequisite) which are decisive in their assessment of performance. Rather, it is much more social skills, empathy and organizational talent which count. It’s here that places its emphasis and it’s also our expectation of our staff. What we’re looking for is colleagues who are confident service providers. Due to their high-level social skills, they are able to respond to the requirements of different people and create a positive atmosphere.

Performance profile

Work at is characterised by its specialisation in anaesthesia for outpatient and short in-patient operations. As a result techniques are primarily applied which allow a rapid discharge and pose a low anaesthesia risk (TIVA, i.v. blocks, spinal anaesthesia, auxiliary plexus blockages and similar). In the risk selection only patients of ASA classes 1-2 are usually treated in doctor’s practices, except for eye and hand operations. This ultimately means that compared to large hospitals the technical side of anaesthesia is less complex.

High level of flexibility

The various work locations (doctor’s practices, operation centers and clinics) require high degrees of flexibility. Staff require the ability to set up a their work place with the safety required for changing technical and spatial conditions. This requires perceptiveness, organizational skills and ability to improvise.

Individual and general aims obliges himself the thought the total Quality managements. We expect all employees to support this declared belief. It is our intention that the employees can put her individual aims into effect and speed up the development of the organization simultaneously.

Possible for whole time as well as part-time authorities can offer a high flexibility concerning work quota. The whole time as well as part-time places are possible of 30-80 %. The part-time activity is partly combined with an employment with another employer (e. g. a public hospital).

Interested in working for

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