Facial mask

A mask which is placed on the face, covering the mouth and nose, and via which the patient is given oxygen and where necessary an anaesthetic gas.

I.V. block

Anaesthetisation by the intravenous injection of a local anaethetic into a part of the body disconnected from the bloodstream.


A fluid which flows into the body (usually intravenously).


A procedure for introducing an agent into the body via a needle.

Injection cannula

Needles for injection.


In(to) a vein.

Introduction of the anaesthetic

See introduction of the anaesthetic.


See respiratory tube.

Intubation tube

A plastic tube which is fed through the mouth or the nose into the wind-pipe after the anaesthetic has been introduced.

Laryngeal mask

A small mask which is fed through the mouth and placed over the larynx onto the air tube inlet.