Local anaesthesia

Anaesthesia of selected parts of the body.

Local anaesthetic

Medicine for local anaesthetisation.


A mask which is placed on the face, covering the mouth and nose, and via which the patient is provided with oxygen or where necessary anaesthetic gas.

Medical history

A list of all illnesses/injuries and medical treatment of a patient in the course of his/her life.

Meninge of the spinal cord

A fine membrane which surrounds the spinal chord and the cerebrospinal fluid.

Peridural anaesthesia

Injection of a local anaesthetic into the vertebral canal, outside of the meninge of the spinal cord ; causes sections of the body to be anaesthetised.

Plexus anaesthesia

Anaesthitisation of one arm by injecting a local anaesthetic into the area of the plexus, which supplies the respective arm.

Sleep-inducing agents

Medicine which is administered at the start of anaesthia and induces sleep.


(In connection with anaesthesia) an empty stomach by abstaining from the intake of food and drink.

Spinal anaesthesia

Anaesthetisation of the lower half of the body by injecting a local anaesthetic into the spinal cord.