narkose.ch is the largest provider of outpatient anesthesia services in Switzerland. At the moment, narkose.ch carries out around 25,000 anesthesia procedures per year. New partnerships with doctors practices, outpatient operation services and clinics are constantly being formed. Among these clients number more than 200 practices and institutions.

narkose.ch in summary

more than 70 employees
more than 200 customers
more than 27,000 anesthesia procedures per year

Maximum flexibility

Since its founding in 1997, a general practice has grown into a network across Switzerland’s cantons. More than 70 coworkers – doctors, care workers and administration – are spread all across Switzerland. They are subdivided into core groups and can as such be expanded and replaced as colleagues in other teams require. Through this, narkose.ch can respond flexibly to its customers wishes.

Harmony of work and family life

narkose.ch takes notice of the needs of its workers and has always tried to support the greatest possible harmony of work and family life.
Many of our workers work part time and do not have to give up their work due to family responsibilities.

Creating trust

Safety and quality are crucial to narkose.ch. Our customers expect a highly-qualified service which always has the safety of the patient at heart. In order to continually improve the quality of services in all its operations, narkose.ch is certified according to ISO 9001-2015.

Innovative solutions in the health sector

Thanks to our experience, we are in a position to help colleagues who perform operations and express an interest. We can help them with planning, and the establishment and operation of smaller or larger operating units. Crucial for us the patient and their safety, the economic performance of the establishment and the lightening of the load on the surgeon and their practice’s infrastructure.